What Does It Mean To Be A Public Health Doctor

What are we about?

Many young people want to become doctors because they yearn for either glory or riches.  In this site, we want to show a side of medicine that deals with millions of patients at a time.  We want to show you a side of medicine that may not necessarily result to huge amounts of money but will help you help others.  We want to introduce you to the joys of Public Health.

According to a study entitled "A Case-Control Study on Determining Factors Leading Doctors into the Practice of Public Health" undertaken by another group of students from the same institution, it was found that the foremost factor that leads students into a career in public health is an early exposure to the concept and practice of public health.  Many young people and even currently practicing doctors have a lot of misconceptions where public health is concerned - we mean to change those misconceptions.

Public health is fun, challenging and totally worth it.  Public health treats communities, populations, by the millions.  Public health is your health. 

We push for selfless service.  We are advocates of Public Health.  We are Doctors of the Future. 

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Do you have what it takes to be a PH Doctor?

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Mission-Vision of Public Healthy

To inspire future health providers to pursue public health as a career through its promotion, highlighting its relevance and to use such inspiration to spark more interest and create a greater awareness of the field.


The pursuit of the vision is obtained through a website containing facts, trivia, articles and games about health.  The website will be updated continuously and promoted through social networking sites.

NOTE:  We are still in the process of building this site.  Kindly visit us time and again to see updates, more games and links and interviews of Public Health doctors!